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China - Fu Symbol and Fu Bat

1.5" Fu Pendant in Sterling Silver on Satin Cord. $25.00.



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10 Note Cards and Ungummed Envelopes in Reusable Box. Handmade Paper from Nepal. $16.50.

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Fu means good fortune in Chinese and the ideogram for Fu is a common symbol worn or displayed for good luck. A similar sound of Fu means bat, and bats are, therefore, considered lucky. Representations of bats are common and they are said to bring good fortune. They are used alone and in groups of five, an auspicious number.


The origin is tied to the fact that the word for good fortune - "Fu" - is a homophone for the word for bat. (The sound is the same though the inflection is different.) Accordingly, the bat is a representation of luck and good fortune. There seems to be no direct connection to the now recognized healthful benefits of bats: they eat many times their weight in harmful insects - particularly disease-carrying mosquitoes.


The ideogram has origins in good fortune, too. It is supposed to represent a god, on the left, blessing a farm on the right. The four quarters of the farm are represented by the "box" divided into four sections.


Luck Factory has both the ideogram for "Fu", meaning good fortune or blessings, and representations of the Fu Bat. Choose one or both to gather the propitious properties of Fu to you.

Chinese Fu Good Fortune Symbol, Good Luck Coin and Shou Chow Jade Pi Pendant on 17 Inch Chain. The Fu and Chain are Gold Plated Metal. The Fu is approximately 1/2 Inch Across, The Coin is 1/2 inch Across and the Pi is 7/8 Inches Across. $28.00.



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Chinese Fu Earrings in Gold Plated Metal. Jade Bead. Each Earring Approximately 1/2 Inch Across. $16.00.



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0.5" Fu Earrings in Pewter, Happiness in English on Reverse. $4.00.



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0.5" Fu Charm in Pewter, Happiness in English on Reverse. $2.00.



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2 3/8" Double Happiness and Fu Bat Pendant in Shou Chow Jade on Satin Cord. $12.00.



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(Handmade. Each piece is slightly different.)

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