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Europe and USA - Horseshoe

Horseshoe Charm in Sterling Silver and Turquoise. Horseshoe is 1/2 Inch Across. $20.00.



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7 and 1/4 Inch Double Horseshoe Bracelet in Sterling Silver. Double Horseshoes are 3/4 Inch Across. Hook Closure. $27.00.



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Horseshoe Charm in Sterling Silver. Horseshoe is 5/8 Inch Across and 5/8 Inch High (Excluding Bale). $12.00.



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7 and 1/2 Inch Horseshoe Bracelet in Sterling Silver and Turquoise. Horseshoe is 5/8 Inch Across. Hook Closure. $26.00.



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Throughout Europe and the United States, Horseshoes are often seen nailed to barns and houses and as charms on jewelry. They are an accepted sign of good luck, though most people don't think about why that is.

The origin is believed to be tied to the proscribed magical powers of iron. Iron is considered lucky because it is born from the marriage of rock and fire, two of the basic elements in ancient times. Blacksmiths, makers and users of iron, were alchemical masters of the elements and their byproducts. Accordingly, their creations were believed to be endowed with supernatural powers. These powers helped in a story that says the 10th Century Archbishop of Canterbury foiled Satan when he was disguised as a horse because of the power of the positive power of the horseshoe. The fact that well made horseshoes aided in the health of a valuable resource, the horse, also helped. In addition, the basic shape of the horseshoe, which is either a cup, a crescent, or an arch depending on your point of view, is traditionally said to be lucky. The crescent is a moon symbol that has luck-giving properties in ancient Mediterranean cultures because of moon-goddesses. Also, the typical number of seven nail holes in a real horseshoe is considered lucky in European tradition. All this added up to a strong belief in the lucky properties of horseshoes and horseshoes found should always be kept and nailed to the door of your house or barn. Probably relating to the allusion to a cup, horseshoes with the open end up are said to gather luck in the U.K. and Ireland (and the US, typically). However, many believe that the horseshoe itself is lucky and must point down to pour its luck onto you. More recent associations with horse racing and the gambling traditions of horse racing (wealth through luck) have added to the history of the lucky horse shoe. A very different origin story is that the Roman legions were the first to use horseshoes. The power of the legions and the sparks thrown off by the meeting of horseshoes and rocks created an association of horseshoe and power.


Luck Factory brings you horseshoes to add to your lucky collection or to give as gifts for someone needing to hold on to a little luck.

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Horseshoe Cuff Bracelet. 6 3/4 Inch Bracelet in Sterling Silver. Horseshoe is 5/8 inch Across. $20.00.



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