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New York City Chess Calendar



LIVE OTB and Online tournaments are happening.


Chess in the Schools, The Right Move, ChessNYC, TriState, and Impact Coaching are doing in-person events as is The Marshall Chess Club. Others, too. To come.


Stay safe!




This is a calendar of New York City chess tournaments. I believe it is fairly complete based on what has been posted on various other sites. Always check the appropriate tournament organizer's link to verify the date, time, etc. Things change and people do not always tell me. (I try to verify all the program links but some of these will not be updated because people redo their web sites or calendars and don't tell me.)


There are a lot of tournaments. Some providers are now running something every week or even multiple times a week.  As always, I do not include all Marshall Club events. I have not included each week's events from Chess Max Academy, some weekday events from Chess NYC and events from NY Chess Kids at their own location. Check out their web sites at the links below for more. Yes, more!


Feel free to send comments or changes to me.


Key Links:


Marshall Chess Club also has various tournaments and events suitable for kids and GMs. Individual tournaments are not listed above. Call first to confirm information on their calendar. These often include Open, U1800 to U1200 sections.


Various NYC Schools:


Online Tournament Info and Registration and Camps at NY Chess Kids Site. NYChessKids also does tournaments at their own location. These dates are on the NYChessKids web site.


Hunter College Elementary and High School -- Info Page, Click Through for Registration. NSCF also runs tournaments and camps in Westchester and Connecticut in addition to Hunter. See Info here.


Chess NYC: PS183M and others -- Online Tournament Info (Quads and regular tournaments) and Registration and Camps at ChessNYC Information. For clarity, I have not listed all of the weekday ChessNYC tournaments. Look at their website for more information. Games are shorter time control.


PS111M and others -- Impact Coaching Network has more information about their tournaments and camps.


PS158M, Various Others -- TriState Chess.


Chess in the Schools. Free tournaments at various locations.  Very popular, book early! -- Chess in the Schools.


PS6M -- Online Form for Pre-Registration.


The Right Move -- Online Form for Registration.


GM Maxim Dlugy has opened the Chess Max Academy. He is running many tournaments including Sunday quads and Tuesday and Saturday evening blitz tournaments. I have not listed all of these individually. He is also giving classes, lectures, and lessons. Plus you can learn Russian! Look at his website for more information.


NEST+m, Avenues through GM Chess Academy. Look at the Tournaments there.


Columbia Grammar Prep, Spence and Chapin through Little House of Chess.  LHOC also does Summer and break Camps.


All Souls and others from Top Level Chess.


Browning (I don't have a current link for these tournaments.)


PS41M info is here.


Chessanity is running tournaments on Long Island.  Click here.


Anderson is now running their own tournaments. Info is here.


British International School and Epiphany - Web page link here.  Click through for tournament Information from Chess Educators.


PS 282 in Brooklyn run tournaments at their school. Their chess calendar is here.


Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn Heights runs tournaments through their Packer Pelikings chess team.


USDAN on Long Island runs occasional tournaments.  Web site now has nothing scheduled.


The Brooklyn Kingsmen Chess Club runs tournaments in Bed-Stuy. They announce them on their Facebook page.


New York Chess Academy runs afterschool programs with tournaments in Queens and Manhattan


Chess Quarter runs tournaments and afterschool programs in Brooklyn


International Chess Academy of Glen Rock, NJ runs tournaments in New Jersey.


US Chess Federation for membership, National Tournaments, and ratings information.

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