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Egypt - Scarab

3/4" Scarab Pendant in Sterling Silver. $16.00.



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7/8 Inch Scarab Pendant in Sterling Silver. $12.00.



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Sterling Silver Chains. Perfect accessory to all of our Luck Factory charms. In 16, 18 and 20 Inch lengths.

16 Inch , $6.00.



18 Inch , $6.25.



20 Inch , $6.50.



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3/8" Scarab Earrings on Wires in Sterling Silver. $14.00.



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5/8 Inch High by 1/2 Inch Wide Scarab Pendant in Sterling Silver. $18.00.

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Ancient Egyptians believed in the power of amulets and other charms to protect themselves from evil and to bring them good fortune. Evil forces were believed to be everywhere and special amulets and ceremonies were required to change one's fortune. One of these amulets was the Scarab, or good luck beetle. Real mummified beetles were buried with the dead. Representations of beetles were worn as amulets, used as seals, and/or buried with the dead.

The Scarab is modeled after a variety of dung-beetle (Scarabaeus sacer). The industrious dung-beetle placed its egg in dung and rolled the dung into a ball to be heated by the sun. This created an association with the life-giving powers of the sun and the sun god Ra. Life also was centered in the heart so the dung-beetle amulet had powers to protect the heart. In death, the scarab protected the deceased person's soul from being eaten by Ammit the Devourer--a dreadful part-lion, part-hippo, part-crocodile who guarded scales of justice in the Egyptian afterworld. Being protected from this fate would certainly be good luck!


Today, people continue to look to this ancient symbol for good luck. It can be worn near the heart or displayed in many other ways to continue it's 4,000-plus year history of bringing good luck.

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